ahpek M&A Center

The definition of Mid-size Enterprises has been legislated by the Special Laws, which was enacted in July 2014. The total number of Mid-size Enterprises in Korea is 3,846 as of December 31, 2013, and the aggregate turnover of these enterprises in 2013 amounted approximately USD 601 billion. Currently, the number of member companies of AHPEK stands at 512 as of November 30, 2014, and it is expected to increase rapidly, fueled by the enforcement of the Special Laws.

The vision of the AHPEK M&A Center is to become a hub specialized in processing information on the M&A issues of Mid-size Enterprises, as well as to vitalize M&A market for Mid-size Enterprises by setting up solid M&A Information System in cooperation with Mid-size Enterprises and competitive M&A advisors (including overseas advisors as well as M&A related government agencies).

Especially, the AHPEK M&A Center has a keen interest in sourcing of cross-border M&A deals in association with specialized global M&A institutions, not only to strengthen Mid-size Enterprises’ competitiveness in global market but also to contribute to the global extension of venture start-ups and small enterprises.

AHPEK M&A Center is also planning to build up an internal M&A deal matching platform, which will vitalize domestic M&A market for Mid-size Enterprises.